Tips when Attending a Broadway Show in NYC

There are a variety of things to do in New York City, as it is the city that never sleeps. There are enough things offered to keep entertained during the day and well into the night. Whether it’s a memorable show or unique artwork that is of interest, New York City truly has it all. As the trip plans start to come together, consider these tips when planning to check out any Broadway Shows Playing New York NYC. Here are some things to consider.


When walking down Broadway, one will see marquees for various shows, such as Wicked the Musical, The Phantom of the Opera and Stomp. Whichever show is decided on, it will be a treat. This is one of those amazing experiences that can only be found in the Big Apple. Determine the show and buy the tickets.

Getting There

If going by car, parking isn’t cheap. The farther away from Times Square one parks, the less expensive. Most New Yorkers will say that the subway is the fastest way to get to Times Square. The most convenient way is more than likely going to be by cab. It just depends on what is most comfortable.

Arrive on Time

Always double check the time on the ticket. Then, arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the show. There will be a long line outside, but don’t worry about that. Once the doors open, the line will move quickly. Those that are picking up tickets at “will call” will want to allow an additional 15 minutes for this. Hit the restroom early, before everyone else gets the same idea. Wait in the entry area of the section for the usher. Those that seat themselves will not receive a playbill. Also, the usher is a pro and will make sure you get to correct seat. Get settled in by removing jackets, unwrapping any candy, and turn cell phones off. This will make for an enjoyable show.

Following these steps will allow a magical evening. This is something that will be remembered for a very long time. Everyone should experience a Broadway show at some point in their lifetime. To get ideas and a jump start on planning, visit This will give an idea of what is going on during the dates of the upcoming visit.