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Tips on How to Use Crest Whitening Strip

Most people have teeth problems as they advance in age. Teeth start turning yellow. This is due to varied reasons. Smokers have a problem with their teeth changing color. Some people do not observe dental hygiene, as well as consumption of some beverages, has caused discoloration. This are some of the causes but there are many others. You can get whitened teeth again. There is a product called Crest Whitening strip which treats this condition. People’s teeth are highly transformed after using this whitening tool. One can laugh without feeling ashamed. Get proper information on how this brightening strip is used. The information provided here will guide you how to use Crest Whitening strip.

Make sure that the teeth are cleaned thirty minutes before you start the whitening process. It is important to ensure that food particles do not minimize the effectiveness of Crest Whitening strip. Brushing helps in ensuring that the extra saliva will not dilute the whitening gel in the strip.

Know how to position the Crest Whitening strip. Make sure that you are aware of the side that should contact the teeth. The whitening substance is the one contacting your teeth. This side which is attached to the teeth substance is the one which causes bleaching.

Remove the strip from its carrier when you are ready to use it. Be careful when peeling the strip from its carrier. You should not touch the side that has the whitener. Ensure that your hands are dry when handling the strip to prevent the whitener from getting wet and hence be diluted.

Use a clean cloth to wipe any saliva. This ensure that the process of whitening is smooth. Find something that you will place on the cheeks to enlarge them and also ensure there is less saliva in your mouth. Smoothen strips that have been placed on your teeth. Make sure that the strip covers a large surface of the teeth. The whitening should not touch any other part of the mouth as it may cause injuries.

Be patient as you wait for the strip to do its work. There is a particular time which is recommended for proper functioning of the Crest Whitening strip. Ensure that you lie on a flat surface with your mouth wide open to help in drying of the saliva.

Take the strip away after the stipulated time. Ensure that the Crest Whitening strip after removing it from the mouth. Allow the Crest Whitening strip to be on your teeth within the recommended time only. The reason is that overstaying can lead to teeth sensitivity and does not lead to more white teeth.

Brush your teeth immediately you remove the strip. Swallowing The chemical meant for whitening can be very detrimental to your health. Each strip has some days it is supposed to be used.

Wash your hands after handling the strips.
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