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What To Look For When Choosing Boat Fenders.

Boat fenders play a huge role in protecting a boat from touching base with other boats as well as docks. It is very costly to buy a new boat but buying fenders is not at all expensive. Many fenders are way much better than just having a few of them. It is vital to be well prepared in the event that there may be weather changes and having extra fenders would help you be safe.
During something like a hurricane, your boat is at risk of damage because it might just hit other boats or hit the docks, the fenders ensure that your boat is cushioned from the impact. There are a generous number of boat fenders in the market and this makes it a challenge to choose the best hence one is required to have knowledge on which fenders are genuine and which are not. Below are some of the tips to guide you in choosing the best boat fenders in the market.

Different types of boats are designed to have specific boat fenders hence the need to know the type of your boat. It is important to note that, when it comes to short light boats, the best fenders are the sausage like fenders or the cylindrical double-eye fenders. Heavier boats which are bigger work well with the center-hole and round fenders. Specialty fenders are another type that adds protection against pilings on your boat. These type of boat fenders may cost you an extra coin but they are better than the cost of repairing your boat.

The brand is also important to consider when you are purchasing a boat fender. There are always the bet brands for every product, so find out which one produces the best boat fenders. Ensure that you find out from other boat owners which brand s to go for. Another good place to go to find the best information is the internet where you can read reviews on different fenders.
Consider also size when purchasing boat fenders. The thing that will determine the size of the boat fender, is the weight and length of your boat. Bigger heavier boats will require bigger fenders while the smaller lighter boats will only require the small fenders. This is because of how much the fenders can handle, it is kind of a logical determination. The mooring circumstances will also be a determiner of the size of fender you should buy. If conditions are harsh or calm, you can determine the size of fender you should have.

Another important thing you should know is the number of fenders to buy and also how to place them so that they work well. Having very few fenders will be a disadvantage to your boat because they will not be adequate for protection. Positioning of the fenders is also vital for their success in protecting your boat from piling. You don’t want them being displaced by the docks, so ensure that they are not placed too high. If they are deep in the water, you will find that moss and other marine plant life will grow on it.

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